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Quick & Easy Ways To Get Gum Off Sneakers

Posted by Charles Dewhurst on

The appeal to chewing gum makes sense. You are chewing on something without eating it, while also giving your brain a little boost. There are supposedly studies out there that say there are cognitive benefits of chewing gum. Unfortunately, these benefits do not include making you any less of an asshole.

If you throw your gum anywhere other than a trashcan than you are a selfish asshole. Please excuse the name calling but there are literally no other living organisms on Earth other than humans that like gum. Plants hate gum. Animals hate gum. And of course, SNEAKERS HATE GUM. 

We can all recall a time when we stepped in some gum. It usually happens when you are mindlessly going about your day, soaking up the sun when all of the sudden you take a step that feels different. It feels as if the pavement is clinging to the bottom of the sneaker's sole and trying its hardest to pull your sneaker back down to the ground. As soon as you feel it you know it exactly what is.

Oh no, gum on the bottom of your favorite sneakers. It is infuriating but try relax and do not let it ruin your day because your can be cleaned. Here are instructions with a video to show you a quick and easy way to get the gum off your sneakers and make them clean again.


STEP 1: Put your sneaker in a large plastic storage bag. Make sure the bag is big enough to at cover the gum with plastic

STEP 2: Press against the plastic on the gum. Make sure you press down enough times and hard enough so the gum is sticking to the plastic

STEP 3: Place the shoes in the freezer for a couple hours (2-3)

STEP 4: Remove the sneaker from the bag. The gum should stick to the plastic and be easier to peel off


STEP 1: Spray WD-40 onto the sole of the sneaker.

STEP 2: Let it sit for a minute. 

STEP 3: Wipe it with a rag or cloth


STEP 1: Soak a cloth with nail polish remover

STEP 2: Rub the cloth against the gum until it comes off 

Video via Tech Insider

Photo via whimsicalb


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  • What if its the suede part on the side bottom of a 12 (suede)?

    Angel on

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