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5 Facebook Groups Every Sneakerhead Should Join

Posted by Charles Dewhurst on

Facebook Groups are great way find sneakers, get legit checks, and commincate with other sneakerheads. You can sometimes find great prices or trade opportunites because there are no fees associated with listing and selling your kicks on Facebook, so sellers are more likely to accept a little less money than they would on a 3rd party website like eBay or Kixify who take a 10% cut.

Facebook Groups make it hard to search for a specific sneaker and size so if you want to find a gem, you will have to scroll through a lot of listings. Sometimes this can be fun because you may stumble upon a pair of kicks that you did not even know you wanted. Also, be sure to look at the prices people are asking so you can familiarize yourself with the sneaker market.

If you find a pair that you like, Facebook message the seller and let them know you are interested in buying or trading. Be sure to look for listings with a tagged pictures or post tagged pictures when listing. Tagged pictures mean that write your name and date on a piece of paper and put that paper in the picture to let people know you have the shoes in your possession and the photos you are using are original. 

Remember when buying anything from a Facebook Group pay through a Paypal invoice. The invoice is only an extra 3% but it is well worth it because you will get your money back if the seller does not send the item or it is fake. 

So, here are 5 Facebook Groups you should follow.

1. MSX - Midwest Sneaker XChange

2. Scoop208

3. Niketalk

4. Yeezy Marketplace


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